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of violence. welcome to "gmt." karachi in mourning over the death of more than 240 people in a fire. money for nothing in the usa -- a bank robbery becomes a free- for-all in the getaway chase. it is midday in london, 7:00 and in the morning in washington. sanaa is the latest city to break out in anti-american demonstrations. protesters tried to storm the american embassy there. police fired on them before clearing the site. the protests have been spreading across much of the middle east, including in tunis, gasa, baghdad -- gaza, baghdad. in libya, with the american ambassador was killed, we have had reports of drones over head, and the u.s. is sending two destroyers to the coastline. >> the american embassy in yemen this morning. protests spreading. demonstrators climbed up the walls and stood on the entrance roof, security guards opened fire. the cause -- an obscure, crudely made film deemed insulting to the prophet mohammed. how much further my anger spread? -- might the anchor spread? in cairo today, where the protests started and continue with petrol bombs and tear gas, reports came
in demonstrations. who exactly are the demonstrators? we are in karachi. >> they have been gathering here every day to pray. for the soul of muhammed, a policeman. become to try to comfort his mother. she said she does not understand why her son, a muslim, became the enemy. his family says that he himself had been upset by the anti-islam video. >> they said this was going to be a peaceful rally for the honor of the prophet. we were shocked to see the terrorist and weapons there. >> the family watched the news channels in horror as the demonstrations became more violent. and then on live tv, they saw their sign being carried from the scene. -- saw their son being carried from the scene. >> during the protests, thousands of demonstrators came up this hill, trying to get access to the american consulate. this is where police were holding them back and it is where muhammed fell. he was one of 15 who died that day in the protests in gratia alone. -- in karachi alone. >> who were the protesters that died? eight were from this extremist group. it is supposed to be banned. the group is thought to have carr
in pakistan history as more than 230 people are dead in a fire at a clothing factory in karachi. and germany's constitutional court says that there's nothing to stop the country taking part in the euro bailout fund. it's midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington and 1:00 p.m. in benghazi where a violent protest portraying the prophet muhammad has led to the death of four u.s. officials, one of them the ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. officials said he died when the consulate was set on fire. three others died. there's been no confirmation from the united states. the secretary of hillary clinton issued a statement. but she added there is no justification for violence. emily buchanon has more. >> inferno overnight at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants stormed the compound and set fire to buildings. it's not clear yet how the ambassador died, but reports suggests his car may have come under rocket attacks as he and others were trying to escape. the anger was sparked by a provocative film made by an israeli american about the life of the prophet muhammad. >> my name is christoph
a day of rage. karachi was closed for business, like the rest of the country. >> we would like to show the world that all muslims are united on this. we are ready to die for the profit. -- for the prophet. >> the deadliest uprisings were in karachi. president obama hoped to prevent all this with an ad broadcast on pakastani tv. he condemned the video and emphasize america's commitment to religious tolerance. >> we reject all efforts to denigrate their religious beliefs of others. >> but on the streets of this, but, this was the -- on the streets of islamabad, this was the response. 'american dogs," they chanted. and they tried to push forward again security forces. the trouble broke out within the last few minutes. police have opened fire toward protesters to of managed to come through the barricade be buying for the second day running, they have gathered in this area, attempting to reach the u.s. embassy just up the road. >> a battle raged. for many, the attack on their prophet is intolerable. they are willing to risk life and limb to make their point. the interior minister defended t
of it beating back protesters trying to storm the u.s. consulate in karachi. here's more from islamabad, pakistan. >> reporter: washington bracing itself for another wave of anti-american anger on monday. this time, the call for protests coming from lebanon and hezbollah leader. the whole world needs to see your anger, in your faces, your fists and your shouts, nasrah said in a televised speech. anti-american demonstrations continued in karachi, pakistan. that angry rally followed a flurry of protests over the past few days in places like yemen, egypt, tunisia, iran, where demonstrators railed against a low h budget film that insulted the prophet muhammad. >>> christopher stevens and three other americans died when armed protesters aing toed the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. u.s. officials say lost amid the tragedy and dramatic headlines was the fact that most were not massive protests but crowds numbering in the hundreds, sometimes in the thousands. >> the mobs we've seen on the outside of these embassies are small minority. they're the ones who have largely lost in these emerging
in question has been uploaded to the internet. >>> firefighters in pakistani's biggest city of karachi continue looking for victims after a fire that swept through a clothing building. the four-story structure went up in flames on tuesday afternoon with more than 400 workers inside. 289 people have been confirmed dead. doors to the building were apparently locked. the windows were barred. a police official says no safety measures were in place. >> the design of the building, there was no safety exits and all the people that got out, there was probably only one way out, which they had to reach to out outside the building. that's why they tried to jump out the windows but the windows were also blocked. >>> another fire on tuesday broke out aton tuesday. both blazes are believed due to electrical wiring. >>> his supporters call him a visionary, to his critics he is a man of style over substance. whatever the case, hachimoto has just arrived on stage. recast a popular local base into a national reform movement.hasi politician was a force to be reckoned with. we have decided to launch a new
the building had no alarms and no sprinklers. the blaze happened in the city of karachi. >> coming to recover the dead, many lost their lives in the basement of the factory. there are desperate calls heading to be saved, and among the victims, three young sisters who died together, their family now in morning like so many others. she knows both her daughters may have lost their husbands. they said take care of yourselves and the children. we do not know if we will make it home. dozens survived by jumping from the rules or of her stories. a crane made a hole in the wall, and i jumped, but five of my relatives were trapped inside. this is the inferno from which he escaped. the windows have metal grills. police say most of the workers did not stand a chance. >> there wasthe exit, and all the people got trapped. >> there is still a search for bodies. officials say many of those who died have come to collect their wages. tonight rescue workers are still there. employees say it was a death trap, but as is often the case, the authorities allowed it to remain open. relatives are asking if anyone will
. international service members dying at the hands of afghans. in karachi, pakistan is safe after protesters broke through a e.rricad one protester was killed in the attack. the u.s. ambassador to the nations says there's no last week's deadly inault on the u.s. consulate s premeditated. the interim president of libya ,aid the attack was planned that the date of september 11 had been targeted. >> prince harry may have been the target of an attack on a naval base in afghanistan. they say it was aimed at the third in line to the british .hrone he was quickly taken to safety. the attack destroyed several jets, refueling stations, and more. >> lawyers say the british royal will make a craig moe complaint today against the make allher wh complaint against the the nude er who took pictures of prince william's wife. the'french will releaseays it 26 pages of photographs today. >> president obama is on the today with stops cincinnati and columbus, .hio the president is expected to chinese subsidies for automobiles and automobile parts. after romney accused obama of being easy on china and jobs go to that c
. this comes after violent froess in pakistan in the business capital of karachi. protestors breached a security barrier went right up to the main walls. the word we are getting from the consulate there is all u.s. people were safe there was casualties among protestors. new call from protests coming from hezbollah leader ordering his folks out on the streets today in beirut. he said he waited for the pope to leave. the pope was in over the weekend. the u.s. is working only on emergency basis. staffers and family members have been evacuated over the weekend. this on orders of the state department. this following a deadly riot here near the u.s. embassy compound on friday. we saw that compound ransacked. they are here for a second week of trouble concerning trouble. >> gregg palkot. thanks. >>> as the violent protests continue this morning and continue to spread the white house is sticking to its position the deadly attack on the consulate was not preplanned. this contradicts what we heard from libya's president. steve centanni has more. >> was it a planned attack or not? here is susan
an internet movie have turned violent in karachi. hundreds marked to the consulate and threw rocks. they used batons to push them back. some officers threw rocks at protestors. one person was killed when people in the crowd opened fire. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is asking the u.s. to stop steps for iran's race for nuclear weapons. and he tells our candy crowley that it's not just a campaign issue. >> this is not an electoral issue. it is not based on any electoral consideration. i think there is a common interest of all americans of all political persuasions to stop iran. this is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulses you see in the middle east. they deny rights to women, brutalize their people, don't give freedom of religion. all the things you see in these mo mobs storming the american embassies is what you'll see with atomic bombs. you cannot let people have atomic bombs. >> he says if iran is not stopped, they could be ready to produce anatomic bomb in six months, in his view. >>> we could see the teachers strike in chicago come to an pretty soon. in about
of karachi and peshawar. public anger against the united states is already strong in pakistan where u.s. air strikes targeting suspected militants regularly cause civilian casualties. >>> in egypt, several hundred demonstrators clashed with security forces near the u.s. embassy in cairo. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> authorities remain on alert ahead of possible demonstrations after the friday prayers. >>> japan's prime minister wants to change how his citizens power their homes and businesses. yoshihiko noda unveiled his long-awaited energy policy. it calls for the country to phase out nuclear power in the coming decades. the plan reflects the feelings of many japanese following last year's accident at the fukushima plant. but big business says the policy is problematic. nhk world's yam has the details. >> reporter: government ministers have spent months talking to each other, to experts, and to the public to figure out the role nuclear power should play in japan. prime minister noda has decided to work towards a nuclear-free society. >> translator: step by step we've come
the u.s. consulate in karachi, pakistan, today, left at least one protestor dead and eight others injured. this weekend the u.s. was busy evacuating nonessential personnel from sudan and tunisia, urging american citizens to get out. today on "face the nation" libyan president mohammed el magariaf said he believes last week's deadly attack in benghazi was premeditated. >> the way the perpetrators acted, moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> reporter: but u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice disagrees telling bob schieffer that it was a spontaneous protest hijacked by well armed extremists. >> i think it's clear that there were extremist elements that joined in and escalated the violence, whether they were al qaeda affiliates, whether they were libyan-based extremists oral quitea itself i think is one of the things we'll have to determine. >> reporter: the administration has been reluctant to provide detail approximates about the ongoing investigation. but it has beefed up security at u.s. missions including 50 marines at the u.s. embassy
.s. consulate in karachi. one protester was killed, u.s. officials say all americans inside the mission are safe. in tripoli, lebanon this weekend protesters went after symbols of america including a kfc and hardee's restaurant. the head of the militant group hezbollah called on muslims to join the protest saying they should judge and punish the people responsible for this mock movie so that they become an example to any who thinks about disrespecting our prophet and our koran. and in sudan and tunisia the u.s. is evacuating non-essential personnel from the embassies there and urging u.s. citizens to leave. u.s. investigators are trying to determine whether the killings of four americans in libya including ambassador chris stevens were premeditated or part of a mass protest against susan rice the u.s. ambassador the u.n. said the attack appears to be spontaneous demonstration that extremists took over. >> there were extremist elements that joined and escalated the violence, whether they are al qaeda, libyan extremists. or al qaeda itself i think is one of the things we have to determine. >> repo
made their way to the outer wall of the consulate in karachi. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: americans are being evacuated from u.s. missions overseas as the anti-u.s. fury continues. this morning department -- demonstrators took to the streets of kabul, afghanistan still protesting over an anti-islam film produced in the u.s.. in pakistan police fired tear gas and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade on their way to the u.s. consly. >> president has been clear the protection of american personnel and facilities is and will remain top priority. >> reporter: in afghanistan u.s. service members on edge after four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they believed were their allies. the incidence after the taliban launched brazen attack on a coalition basement thought was the safest in the country. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the alter wall stormed in with automatic rifles, grenade launchers and suicide vests damage was enormous. >> this was a deliberate, well manned, well execute attack by the taliban that created
more anti-american protests today in kashmir, indonesia and karachi. but it was in afghanistan that today's lethal attack happened. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is with u.s. marines in southern afghanistan tonight. >> reporter: near kabul's airport this morning, a car bomb smashed into a small bus killing, afghan police say, at least 12 people. most of them south african contractors. according to the american embassy in kabul, many of the victims were providing services to u.s. aides and other organizations. a radical group claims the foreigners were targeted, revenge for an anti-islam video. the group identified the bomber as a young woman. but it's not these overt attacks that are forcing the u.s. military to change policy. but a growing trend of afghan security personnel turning their guns on nato troops. 20% of americans killed in afghanistan in combat this year were shocked by their own allies. so overnight, commanders said u.s. troops will no longer patrol with afghans, except on big missions, with 800 nato troops or more, where there's safety in numbers.
demonstration. 12 people were killed and more than 82 wounded in karachi. a police officer and a driver for a television network were among those killed. >> in texas researchers launching new war against cancer. the m.d. anderson center is calling its moon shots program unprecedented effort to speed up conversion of scientific discovery into clinical advances the goal to reduce the number of deaths of several ram forms of cancer they were inspired by john kennedy's determination to go to the moon in the 60s. >>> speaking of that and flying meteorologist lisa argen here. >>> a few high clouds, nice and mild in the city, 63 san francisco, 70s by the delta and antioch 69 at the coast warmer and cooler. i'll tell you which one and a look at a nice looking week ahead, featuring warmer weather next week. >>> health update on anchor robin roberts. how she is doing one day after bone marrow >> happening right now mitt romney is just releasing his 2011 tax returns. he paid 1.9 million dollars in taxes on 13.7 million dollars of income. that is a 14.1% rate. romney's campaign earlier estimated th
en las ciudades de "peshawar" y "karachi" quemaron varios cines considerados por los fundamentalis tas musulmanes como propagadores de peliculas obscenas... ---mientras que en bangladesh unas 10mil personas se manifestaron y quemaron una imagen del presidente obama y una bandera francesa. take vo ---hoy es el dia mundial del alzheimer y aun cuando no hay una cura para este tipo de demencia cientificos espaÑoles confian en que esto podria cambiar... ---estos cientificos estan trabajando en una vacuna que ya ha sido probada en animales y ahora comenzaran a probarla para determinar si son seguras para uso humano... ---la vacuna funciona atacando una proteina que se ha asociado con la enfermedad... ---los cientificos no quieren generar falsas expectativas pero se mostraron positivos por las pruebas en humanos. cesar ---vamos ahora con ariel rodriguez y el reporte del tiempo... roll weather open take pkg cesar al regresar en noticiero telemundo 48 take vo ---en las imagenes del dia, le mostramos hasta donde es capaz de llegar un oso que sin temor va tras la comida.... stop cu vamos con
karachi. the val being led by a radical muslim scholar making it illegal for anyone to denigrate any religious prophet. scores of students in iran holding copies of quran and chanting death to america and britain. this was the scene at new york central park tonight. rock stars gathering for a free concert to draw attention to poverty worldwide. the festival featured black peas and john legend and neil young. an estimated 4660,000 fans crowd in order the park while was streamed worldwide. now back to the "journal editorial report". >> paul: hillary clinton suggested that the consulate attack in benghazi involved the al-qaeda affiliate in north africa it was like will goly the work of the terrorist group. that admission led to many questions what took the administration so long with john mccain and lindsay graham issuing this statement. we recognize that al-qaeda involvement in the terrorist
outside the u.s. consulate in karachi. one protester was killed, u.s. officials say all americans inside the mission are safe. in tripoli, lebanon this weekend protesters went after symbols of america including a kfc and hardee's rest rent. the helped of hezbollah called on muslims to join the protest saying they should judge and punish the people responsible for this mock movie so that they become an example toni who thinks about disrespecting our prophet and our koran. and in sudan and tunisia the u.s. is evacuating non-essential personnel from there. u.s. investigators are trying to determine whether the killings of four americans in libya including ambassador chris stevens were premed dated or part of mass protest against the film. susan rice the u.s. ambassador the u.n. said the attack appears to be spontaneous demonstration that extremists took over. >> there were extremist elements that joined and escalated the violence, whether they are al qaeda, libyan extremists. >> reporter: libya's president disagrees. he said it was a well-planned attack. >> the way it moved this leaves us w
del islam, hoy cientos de paqu pakistanÍs penetraron en estados unidos en la ciudad de karachi, desatando choques con la policÍa las autoridades dijeron que hubo un manifestante muerto y decenas de heridos. tambiÉn la ola de protestas por una cinta antis islÁmica se extendiÓ a amo be re, estos manifestantes eran musulmanes. las detenciones se hizo despuÉs de enfrentamientos con la policÍa. el 3papa benedicto xvi celebrÓ una misa en el beirut el pontÍfice hizo un llamo de paz, benedicto xvi considerÓ como una mur urgencia sirvan para estimar nar c terminar con la voy leniolenciv >>> el departamento de estado recomienda no viajar a 33 paÍses en el mundo debido a la condiciÓn de peligro e inestabilidad entre los paÍses de amÉrica latina estÁ colombia, y mÉxico. >>> techos destruidos, Árboles a w a arrancado de raÍz por el paso de samba el fenÓmeno acompaÑado de intensas lluvias y tambiÉn afectÓ a corea del sur. no se reportaron vÍctimas. >>> en el salvador aumenta el nÚmero de agentes policiales que no estÁn conformes con la forma que trabajan y cÓmo se le
and major cities like lahore, karachi, islamabad, peshawar. at one point we had an incredibly difficult time keeping track of everything that was happening. that's how many protests there were. some of those demonstrations spawned pockets of violence. that's when things got ugly, at this hour the death toll stands at 15. among the dead, a driver of a news van in peshawar. two police officers in karachi. most of these men were devout muslims today, were protesting the movie. some were against the u.s. government and american foreign policy. but ashley i have to tell you, the ones who were getting rowdy, destroying property, they looked to be teenagers, young men in their 20s, and didn't get the impression that these were men who were offended by this movie. unfortunately they looked like they were having a good time. and they're the ones who made the headlines because of the dramatic pictures. >> all right. cnn's reza sayah reporting live from islamabad. keep your eyes on things for us there, if you will. i want to head westward from you to libya now, where the post-gadhafi government is trac
of karachi. the demonstrations started very early, almost after dawn. they grew in number and intensity throughout the day. especially after friday prayers, around 2:00 p.m. local time, that's when a lot of people started heading out. and that's when demonstrations really started to grow. many of the people we saw today, devout muslims angry with this anti-islam movie, others were angry with the u.s. government. the u.s. foreign policy in the region, the occupation of afghanistan, the drone strikes that are killing militants in addition to civilians. but we also saw a lot of young people, a lot of teenagers, 20 somethings and these were the troublemakers, the people who were sparking the violence, they often had that mischievous smile, you got the impression they weren't offended with any movie that they were out there to create some trouble and they certainly made a lost headlines, fueled a lot of violence today. >> i know the protesters tried making their way to the u.s. consulate in karachi. did any of them get there? >> reporter: they didn't. that's what protesters have tried to do
peaceful protest. some 15,000 people filled the streets in the southwest city of karachi. >> ( translated ): we want to show the world that muslims are one and united on this issue. we all are ready to die for prophet muhammad. we have left our family to join the protest and will remain here till the protest is over. >> brown: but things quickly turned violent, as crowds burned cars, theaters and a bank, and some opened fire on police. at least a dozen people were killed, including three officers. there were more deaths in peshawar, to the northwest, where rioters set fires, and police fired back with tear gas and live rounds. and in the pakistani capital, islamabad, police battled hundreds of protesters to keep them away from the u.s. embassy. protests were largely peaceful in indonesia, egypt, iraq, bangladesh, and sri lanka, but no less anti-american with crowds burning flags and effigies of president obama. in washington, u.s. officials kept a close eye on events, as secretary of state hillary clinton met with the pakistani foreign minister. >> i want to thank the government of pakist
as with the defense of pakistan. the most of those killed were of a common factor in karachi. the other part was at eight shoe factory. many of the victims were running to escape because the buildings and not have sufficient in the urgency exits on arms and a sprinkler spread >>> some villages of believe stages of the fire has been released. the but was released as federal investigators i to the richmond city council on the five. it took only a couple of minutes for the white smoke to turn back. the original the club was mostly steam within the fire broke out and the smoke plume rose hundreds of feet into the air. this section of an inch pipe was five 67 in. thick when it was installed at decades innocents corrupted to a fraction of its original size. >>> the surviving sections had a half of this of about as the 16th of an inch thick. it was chevron that refuse to do the repair and good >>> the ahead city council had a packed house as it would from people who are angry that police had shot and killed five people this year. the little stuff was out of 23 or more of a mill last week. >>> might
deadly fires in pakistan last night in the southern city of karachi killed 100 people. dozens more are were injured. officials say most of the dead were trapped in the basement and suffocated. police are looking for the owners of the building. huge fire at a huge factory killed at least 25. the fire may have been caused by a faulty generator. from fire to rain, thunderstorms drenched parts of the southwest tuesday. flash floods delayed flights and knocked out power to thousands. the fast-moving water stranded several motorists. >> reporter: an inch of rain pounded motorists in las vegas in the hour long thunderstorm causing mudslides and blocking roads. the swift water rescue team use -- used a helicopter to save those trapped by the fast-moving waters. it was a dangerous rescue as the chopper hovered close to high voltage power lines. >> we have super high level high voltage lines and smaller ones for more residential use on the south side of the street. here's this helicopter here hovering just about 50 feet above the power lines. >> reporter: 13,000 customers lost power as water
with police after demonstrators broke through a barrier near the u.s. consulate in karachi. protesters set american flags on fire. more than 100 people were arrested in paris while hundreds more gathered today in london. in tunisia where the protests were the most violence, nbc staff was evacuated, and 50 u.s. marines were deployed to secure the embassy compound there, and in libya in benghazi where four americans were killed, libyan fifltz continue to round up individuals who might have information on the attack. today on nbc's "meet the press" the u.s. ambassador to the united nations offered this explanation for the benghazi attack. >> what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> reporter: but libya's president had a different assessment, saying this was a preplanned assault with foreign help, possibly from al qaeda. >> some of them are libyans. others are -- came from outside. >> reporter: as the region braces for more protests and violence, it's unclear tonight whether pope benedict's message of peace wi
in karachi, but across much of this region, the violence we've seen over the last couple of days has mostly died down. meanwhile, the libyan government today announced it had arrested 50 people involved in the consulate attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the libyan president saying the attack was planned by foreign fighters linked to al qaeda who had entered the country months ago. david? >> lama hasan, thank you. >>> and we wanted to pick up where she left off there, that statement by libya's president, saying the attack on the u.s. consulate was premeditated, timed to occur on 9/11. well, today on abc's "this week," the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, would not go that far, saying the investigation continues and that so far, there is no indication of a planned, premeditated attack. >> our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that in fact what this began as, a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. >> ambassador rice went on to say the protest then, quote, seem
a violent anti-american protest that the u.s. consulate in karachi. hundreds broke through a barricade and reached the outer walls. police fired tear gas and water cannons at the demonstrators. u.s. embassy officials say all americans at the consulate are safe. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran is 6 months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. the prime minister says iraq is enraching uranium needed to for iran. the u.s. said it favors sinkses a sinkses and has not ruled out the possibility of action. are to go to fox >> mike: congresswoman, you were critical of obama's actions. let's talk to that. and how do you feel he handled the after math of this situation to concerns that you had a year ago. i said it was wrong per barak obama to come in. and he started bombing libya and gaddafi, no one loved gaddafi and he was neutral and working with us on different issues and now the problem was. we knew we had a lot of al-qaida in libya and recruited to kill our troops in iraq. if you desuppose gaddafi, the question is who is next? who will take over. that'
.s. consulate in karachi. at least one demonstrator was killed as police beat back the crowd. the leader of hezbollah has called on followers to, quote, express their anger. >>> back here at home, the california man suspected of making the anti-islam film was questioned by federal authorities. the 55-year-old is banned from using computers or the internet after he pleaded no contest to bank fraud back in 2010. investigators want to know if he was involved in posting a trailer of the film online. he has not been charged with anything. they just brought him in for questioning, as you can see over the weekend. >>> israel's prime minister is repeating his calls for the obama administration to set a red line, as he puts it, for dealing with iran's nuclear program. in an interview on "meet the press," the prime minister said tehran is closing in on the ability to build an atomic bomb. >> the lines on a few matters, and they've avoided crossing them. so i think that as they get closer and closer and closer to the achievement of weapons-grade material, and they're very close. they're six months
on an american base in afghanistan by insurgents who were dressed as american military members. kabul, karachi, pakistan the two main hot spots this morning. more from pakistan just ahead. first to anna coren live in cable for us. what's happening? >> soledad, there were protests on the street, as you say, not far from the u.s. embassy here in kabul. about 300 protesters attacked police and 15 officers were injured, including the commander. they burnt two police cars, along with a bunch of tires, and we approached the scene. however there were reports that guns were being fired and that they were attacking westerners. we had to keep at bay. certainly that violence that we've seen across the muslim world has finally spread to afghanistan. the government has really tried to keep a lid on it by banning youtube so that people couldn't view that inflammatory video. but as we saw today, that violence has finally hit the streets here. >> anna coren with an update from kabul. >>> rage building in other parts of the muslim world. a suicide bomber blowing up his vehicle at a checkpoint leading to the he
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